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Our Story



Anderson Brass Company (ABCO) is a family owned business located in Hartsville, South Carolina.  Our modern manufacturing facility was built in 1982 and features state-of-the-art techniques from innovative design to efficient and low cost manufacturing.  We pride ourselves in customer service and will insure that you talk to a qualified company employee and not a machine!   At ABCO we focus on Technical Innovations, High Quality DOMESTIC Manufacturing, and Customer Responsiveness.  For over 80 years ABCO has based its success on one aspect our people.  According to company president, Robert C. Anderson, “The company considers the employees its most important asset and the primary reason for success”.

Our beginning dates back to 1931 when R. C. Anderson first offered the KANTLEAK™ valves. His basic premise was to provide an inherently sound design, rooted in simplicity that would provide leak free service for a reasonable price. Today, with a third generation Anderson still leading the company, those same values are constantly being applied to every product built. The KANTLEAK™ concept has since grown to a complete line of instrumentation ball valves, needle valves, check valves, and even actuated valves. We are intent on advancing the state-of-the art in instrumentation valving and you can look to ABCO for innovative designs for years to come!

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