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5 Year Limited Warranty


5 Year Limited Warranty

Anderson Brass Company is proud to announce a 5 Year Limited Warranty on all of our NEW "MANRV" Series of RV Water Service Panels.

When you take ownership of one of our NEW RV Water Service Panels be sure to look for the Warranty Information Tag. Using your smart device, take a picture of the QR Code. Your smart device will open a browser window in our Warranty registration page of the Anderson Brass Company website. Fill out the required information and submit your warranty registration.

For anyone unable to use the QR Code, you may register your warranty by:

  1. Hyperlink:

  2. Email Us:

  3. Call Us: 800-476-9876



5 Year Limited Warranty:

  • Anderson Brass (Herein after named ABCO), the manufacturer of the RV Brass Valve (Herein after named Unit) warrants that the supplied and fitted products;

    1. Will be free from material defects,

    2. Are made with adequate quality, and

    3. Will conform, within normal commercial tolerances, to the applicable specifications for a maximum of 5 years after the purchase date (proof of purchase and warranty registration required), by the first private owner, independent of the owner using the unit frequently or not.

  • Replacement Products: Subject to paragraphs [NOTICE REQUIREMENT] and [EXCLUSIONS] directly below, ABCO's sole remedy for breach of this limited warranty will be ABCO providing the Unit Owner with a replacement Unit, at ABCO’s sole expense. In the replacement is not included any form of labor and or other cost related to the valve or related systems in the RV.


  • Notice Requirement: ABCO will only be required to replace products under paragraph [REPLACEMENT PRODUCTS] if it receives written notice from the Unit Owner of such defect or nonconformity within 60-days of noticing a possible failure and is within the period of 5 years from the purchase date of first owner. The notice of warranty claim should take place via email, and ABCO will instruct the Unit Owner on further action. If there is a question regarding the failure source or failure reason, ABCO has the option to charge the customer for a replacement valve and then refund in full this charge, if a warranty claim is proven valid after testing and analyzing of the unit. If this is the case, ABCO will provide a full report to the Unit Owner. If during the Pre-testing and inspection of the Unit (before removal), the perceived leakage is determined to not be caused by the Unit, ABCO can request that other maintenance be done prior to providing a replacement unit under warranty.

  • Exclusions: This warranty does not extend to any Product the Unit Owner abuses, neglects, or misuses according to the applicable documentation, specifications and/or reasonable and normal usage.

  • Any ABCO RV Unit may only be repaired or altered by an ABCO approved repair organization/shop. Any unauthorized work/repair on the Unit will void any form of warranty.

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