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Adventures with Tucknae Install

We created a custom panel for full timers Tucker and Janae. They recently purchased a Keystone Montana High Country and have been doing some upgrades to better suit their lifestyle. The panel features a built in pump switch, air compressor switch, gauge and outlet, all brass low lead mixing shower valve with outlet, water heater bypass valve, four function water fill valve, and black tank flush. This panel was designed to make their camping experience easier by cutting down on the time spent having to turn the maze of switches on their previous panel and provide the convenience of having a built in air compressor. Our panels are built with industrial brass valves that are designed, tested, manufactured and assembled all in our Hartsville, SC facility and backed by our 5 year warranty. Take a look at their video on the installation and their blog post on the experience will be out this week. A huge thank you to both Janae and Tucker, it was amazing working with you both!

Follow them for more adventures!

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