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The MANRV101-RF RV Water Service Panel features an inlet 4 function (3 position) low lead brass valve that is used for filling the holding tank, pressurizing the fixtures when you have a water supply, pump from the tank during dry camping and help you with winterizing and sanitizing your unit. A check valve has been added on the connection going to the pump to alleviate any issues caused by pump failure.

Backed by a 5 Year Warranty!  


  • CITY FIXTURES - Supply water to the fixtures directly from the city water hook up.

  • DRY CAMPING - Supply water to the fixtures directly from the on-board tank.

  • TANK FILL - Supply water to the holding tank from the city water hook up.

  • SANITIZE / WINTERIZE - Supply sanitizing / winterizing fluid to the fixtures from inlet connection (via pump).

The MANRV101-RF is a retro-fit panel for the 200RV.


The 200RV has a 4 function/4 position fill valve and the MANRV101-RF fill valve only has 3 positions however it still has the 4 functions of the 200RV. You may also notice the Normal position on the 200RV has been renamed Dry Camping and it is doubled up with City Fixtures on the MANRV101-RF.

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