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RV Travel Bug - MANRV102-RF Upgrade

The Sanderlin family of RV Travel Bug upgraded their 200RV-PT to the new MANRV102-RF.

"We upgraded our Anderson Valve 200RV-PT system that used plastic cartridges to an all brass MANRV102-RF system. The cartridges were $25 a piece to replace which we were semi-ok with handling. Whenever the plastic housing for the clicker broke, it was time for the upgrade.

We have an a certified onsite RV tech here at the Pumpkin Patch RV resort that performed the upgrade for us. When he replaced this system, he found some other issues that were mitigated as well. Now our water flows better than ever!" - RV Travel Bug

The MANRV102-RF RV Water Service Panel features an inlet 4 function (3 position) low lead brass valve that is used for filling the holding tank, pressurizing the fixtures when you have a water supply, pump from the tank during dry camping and help you with winterizing and sanitizing your unit. The MANRV102-RF also includes a 2 function (2 position) low lead brass water heater bypass valve. Normal position when the unit needs hot water to fixtures. Bypass position for maintenance on hot water heater and  third position for sanitizing your fresh water tank.


  • CITY FIXTURES - Supply water to the fixtures directly from the city water hook up.

  • DRY CAMPING - Supply water to the fixtures directly from the on-board tank.

  • TANK FILL - Supply water to the holding tank from the city water hook up.

  • SANITIZE / WINTERIZE - Supply sanitizing / winterizing fluid to the fixtures from inlet connection (via pump).


  • NORMAL - Supply cold water to the water heater and supply hot water to the fixtures.

  • BYPASS / DRAIN - Divert cold water to the "HOT" fixtures isolating the water heater.

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